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John Lewis

A Tribute to an American STAR

Late Congressman John Lewis was a man of the people. He was established and dedicated to his faith and the church. He truly was a man worthy of remembrance and acknowledgment in his first love, the church. The church itself has been a sanctuary of safety and security to many; and according to W.E.B. Dubois, the church represents “a nation”.

In agreement to these principles, KP is working towards supporting the church and preserving the memory of the valiant late Congressman John Lewis, through the John Lewis’ Memorial Initiative registered under our current campaign tagged STAR - the “Smart Train to American Recovery”.

According to Brookings; despite the federal government’s steps to curtail the pandemic’s impact on the economy, there remains the high possibility of a global recession -- global GDP = -5.2%; greater than any ever experienced since World War II. With this, it is not implausible to say, most workers in basically every sector will be retrenched, in efforts to balance the economy causing a rise in the already high rate of unemployment.

The church has functioned as a haven to many - providing spiritual edification, and now trying to give physical support, as well as serve palliatives to its members. Speaking with some religious leaders, we were able to understand that as much as they desire to meet up with all needs, they do not know if they can nor how to. 

Therefore, with this campaign, KP intends on supporting the church in their desire to help others through the provision of advisory services and training to over 20,000 COVID-19 affected workers. The John Lewis’ Memorial Initiative which is set to launch in August 2020 will be established on all three key tenets of the STAR campaign:


1.         Workforce expansion:

Recent statistics have shown from 2010 to 2020, areas with broadband internet access increased from 74.5 percent to 93.5 percent. However, it is most definite that rural communities remain within the last 7.5 percent without the internet, but it is expected by 2030, we will attain 100% connectivity if certain steps are taken.

Hence, to facilitate this dream, KP plans on partnering with churches - especially those in the rural areas - to grant aids to dislocated workers via the creation of satellite access points, through which all individuals will be enabled access to the internet. The establishment of these access points will also provide a means of employment to the individuals hired to manage the centers.


2.         Career Advisory Services:

Through broadband connectivity, our talent advisory experts will be made available through physical and virtual platforms. With their top-quality expertise, they will discover and identify non-traditional career pathways, on which they will enlighten individuals on opportunities to secure training and employment without the skyrocketing cost of the traditional university or community colleges.


3.         Training and Certification for high-demand jobs:

This campaign will take off with providing direct training to all individuals on Cyber-security, Healthcare, Project Management, and Media Production, including providing industry recognized certifications in these career fields.  Subsequently, other courses will be integrated into the training as we partner with relevant agencies.

For more information on this program, kindly sign up for an upcoming webinar by clicking the following link:

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