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The Invisible War: How Cyber Threats Are Targeting Your Small Business

These days, the internet is like a warzone for small businesses. Hackers can steal your data and leave your business in ruins. Cybercrime is costing businesses a ton of money and trillions of dollars by 2027. With hundreds of thousands of attacks reported yearly, securing your IT infrastructure is important. Here are the top three dangers hiding online and how to protect your business from them.

Navigating Digital Storms: How Small Businesses and PHAs Can Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

Public housing authorities (PHAs) and small businesses cannot ignore the importance of cybersecurity. One incident that brought this reality to the forefront involved a small community's housing authority. They experienced a ransomware attack that encrypted their critical data and demanded payment for its release. This attack halted their operations and locked all files on their computer. This story is a cautionary tale and a call to action for organizations to bolster their cyber defenses.

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