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Strengthening Communities One Individual At A Time

For Individuals

Get free access to resources, training, government-funded programs, and thought leaders to grow your career in a job or with entrepreneurial opportunities

Social Entrepreneurship

Do you have a passion for helping others succeed? Get paid to do good in your community.

STAR Initiative

Campaign to provide 25,000 dislocated workers with career counseling, training & experiential learning for in-demand careers.

Training Programs

Our programs are designed to prepare all participants for careers in high growth industries.

Partners & Stackholders


Partnerships are critical to the success of any business; integral to improvements in the economy; and instrumental in mobilizing communities to become more self-sufficient. There are many entities working in communities with the greatest needs; however, they often work in isolation with few results. Additionally, there is little continuity of support. The Digital Network Group (DNG) established a community stakeholder model to enhance collaboration among multiple community partners and minimize the fragmentation of services to the same population. In this current economy, partnership engagement and collaboration are cost-effective techniques that will ensure that community development has a long-lasting impact and can contribute to the growth of people resources in the community, which will have a greater impact on the future economy.

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