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Technology Modernization Grants

Nonprofit Application Process

Client applications for the program year is open now.
Kinetic Potential is making funding available to modernize legacy systems of KP Network Partners and for the establishment of 100 Technology and Experiential Learning Centers (TELC) co-located with community-based organizations throughout the United States. Our objective is to increase the capacity of organizations providing “human care” services to our most vulnerable populations. The TELCs serve as a community resource centers; extensions of the existing support systems under tremendous strain. The TELC will provide valuable benefits to the community such as:

  1. Assistance with applying for unemployment benefits and other government resources
  2. Access to technology and career advisory services
  3. Learning hub for both youth and adult learners with federal, state, local funding
  4. Employment opportunities for dislocated workers

KP uses a selective process for choosing clients and we seek diversity in our clients’ missions, geographic locations, and target constituency. KP will interview the Executive Directors and Board Chairs of all applicants who meet the basic criteria listed in Client Commitment and Eligibility to determine the readiness of each client applicant for a KP project.