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Greetings from CEO

As CEO, I am both proud and excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative: the Technology Modernization Grant (TMG). With a commitment of $750,000 for 2024, this grant is specifically designed to bolster cybersecurity posture and reshape the talent landscape in IT & Cybersecurity for our valued partners. Each TMG offers a comprehensive package, including a 1-year membership to the KP Network and a cybersecurity assessment valued at up to $15K, equipping organizations with essential tools for digital success. Together, we dismantle barriers, foster synergy, and empower organizations with the right talent. Join me in this transformative journey by applying for the Technology Modernization Grant and let's unlock your organization's full potential together.

Program Overview

Kinetic Potential's US Cyber CORE unit provides advanced IT and cybersecurity solutions to KP Network Members. Strengthening technical infrastructures enhances our collective capacity to align talent supply with workforce demand. Through close collaboration, we define and scope projects, utilizing our Registered Apprentices for project execution and real-world experience. In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity and tech upgrades are essential for success. With advanced technology and robust security measures, our member organizations can innovate confidently and thrive securely.

Why It Matters

Cybersecurity: Protect & Build Trust

Guards sensitive information, maintains trust, and ensures compliance
Shields against financial loss, reputational harm, and disruptions

Technology Modernization: Enhance & Innovate

Involves updating IT, adopting cloud solutions, and exploring AI/IoT
Boosts operations, service delivery, and competitive edge

Empower your organization for the future with our Technology Modernization Grant. Enhance cybersecurity and upgrade technology to drive growth, tackle challenges, and make a positive impact in your community

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What you get

1-Year KP Network Membership

The Kinetic Potential Network (KPN) members share a commitment to working collectively to provide more efficient and cost-effective solutions that lead to improved employment outcomes for all stakeholders. Click here to download

6-Week Cybersecurity Assessment

The 6-week Cybersecurity Assessment will focus on the most critical risk and vulnerabilities for KPN members with Awareness Training, Incident Planning and Contingency Planning as the highest prioritized needs. A sample Cybersecurity Assessment project outline is below:

Week 1-2: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Objective: Kick off the program with comprehensive training designed to raise awareness about common cyber threats and best practices for cybersecurity.

Activities: Interactive webinars, workshops, and e-learning modules covering topics like phishing, password security, and safe internet practices.

Outcome: Employees become more knowledgeable and vigilant, significantly reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks.

Week 3: Incident Response Plan Development

Objective: Develop a tailored incident response plan that outlines procedures to be followed in the event of a cyber incident.

Activities: Collaboration sessions with cybersecurity experts to identify critical assets, define roles and responsibilities, and establish communication protocols.

Outcome: Your organization is equipped with a clear, actionable plan to minimize the impact of cyber incidents and ensure a swift recovery.

Week 4: Contingency Planning

Objective: Create a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure business continuity in the face of various disruptions, including cyberattacks.

Activities: Assessment of business-critical operations, identification of potential risks, and development of strategies to maintain operational integrity.

Outcome: Enhanced organizational resilience with predefined strategies for rapid recovery from unforeseen events.

Week 5: Access Controls Implementation

Objective: Strengthen security measures through the implementation of effective access controls, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information.

Activities: Review and assessment of current access control measures, followed by the deployment of improved protocols and technologies.

Outcome: A more secure environment with minimized risk of unauthorized access to critical systems and data.

Week 6: Audit Controls Setup

Objective: Establish comprehensive audit controls to monitor and review the use of information systems, ensuring compliance and identifying potential security breaches.

Activities: Setup of audit trails and log management solutions, along with training on monitoring and analysis techniques.

Outcome: Enhanced oversight and accountability with the ability to detect, investigate, and respond to potential security incidents promptly.

Closing and Review

Objective: Conclude the grant program with a review of all implemented measures and discuss next steps and recommendations for ongoing cybersecurity enhancement.

Activities: Final review meeting to assess the project's impact, discuss lessons learned, and plan for future cybersecurity initiatives.

Outcome: Organizations are not only better protected but also more knowledgeable about maintaining and improving their cybersecurity posture moving forward.

Eligibility and benefits

Eligibility Criteria:

The Tech Modernization Grant, generously funded by Jim Smith III, CEO for Kinetic Potential, is specifically designed to propel KP Network Partners: Public Housing Authorities, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Nonprofits and Small Businesses into the future of digital exclellence. If your organization is looking to elevate its technological capabilities and cybersecurity measures, this grant is for you.

Who Can Apply:

The Technology Modernization Grant is exclusively available to members of the KP Network. For organizations awarded TGM funding, a 1-year membership is included with the grant. TGM is designed for those partners with limited technology resources and funding to include:

Public Housing Authorities (PHAs): Advised by GAO to increase cyber security posture and grow cyber talent.

Educational Institutions: Seeking to enhance student services and operational efficiency through technology.

Government Agencies: Often outsource technology to 3rd party providers with limited visibility if security is adequate.

Nonprofits: Aimed at those looking to leverage technology to further their mission and protect their data.

Small Businesses: Eager to modernize their technology and strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.


Receiving the Tech Modernization Grant not only provides your organization with critical financial support but also equips you with the resources to undertake essential technology and cybersecurity projects. Here’s what the grant covers:

KP Network Membership: A complimentary 1-year membership to this community collaborative required for TMG eligibility.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training: Elevate your team's awareness and preparedness against cyber threats.

Incident Response and Contingency Planning: Develop robust plans to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.

Access Control and Audit Systems: If eligible, implement state-of-the-art systems to safeguard your digital assets.

Potential Projects or Improvements:

Upgrade outdated software and hardware to enhance efficiency and security.

Implement advanced cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches.

Develop and launch community engagement platforms to better serve your constituency or customer base.

Join As A Community Stakeholder

Benefits Beyond The Grant

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Support

Ongoing Collaboration And Support

Access To A Network Of Peers And Experts

Frequenty Asked Questions

Eligibility is open to KP Network Members that are Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses looking to upgrade their technological capabilities and cybersecurity measures. Your organization must be committed to using the grant for technology modernization efforts detailed in the eligibility criteria section
The grant is designed to cover costs associated with cybersecurity awareness training, incident response planning, contingency planning, and if applicable, the implementation of access control and audit controls. These components are aimed at enhancing your cybersecurity posture and technological infrastructure.
Each Technology Modernization Grant will provide a 1-year membership to the KP Network and a 6-week cyber security assessment, valued at $15K per organization. We are excited to offer 50 TMG’s based upon the total funding available for 2024.
Interested organizations must fill out an online application form detailing their current technological and cybersecurity needs, how they plan to use the grant, and their goals for technology modernization. The application will be reviewed by our panel, and selected organizations will be contacted for further details.
There is no official deadline for grant applications. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds are utilized. There is currently enough funding to support 50 organizations.
Recipients will be selected based on the demonstrated need for technology modernization, the potential impact of the grant on their operations, and their commitment to using the grant for the specified purposes. Our selection committee will carefully review each application to ensure grants are awarded to organizations where they can have the most significant effect.
Selected organizations will be announced on a rolling basis with 12-15 organizations receiving grants each quarter.