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Entrepreneurship accounts for most jobs created in the US but is not often taught as a career path until students matriculate into a business program at a local college. What about those students that do not see college as an option but have interest and the raw talent---why not cultivate their skills and provide the mentorship required to pursue a career as an entrepreneur? KP Scholars does just that by providing students with an opportunity to create a venture that solves a social problem in their community. Student leaders pitch their ideas to fellow students to build their teams and they collectively learn how to develop a strategy, budget and a marketing plan amongst other topics required to launch their ventures. Student teams then pitch their ideas to a panel of KP Mentors, Industry Professionals and Community members to seek seed funding in the amount of $1,000 to launch their ideas and move on to phase II.

This experience provides students with experiential learning while creating an affinity for solving social problems—a win-win for all parties.

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