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Apprenticeships -- the “Other” College (Minus the Debt)

Apprenticeship vs 4 Year College - What image comes to mind when you hear the word “apprenticeship”? Many people envision a young person in blue overalls, banging a hammer against a metal sheet on a circa-1930’s factory floor. If anything close to that came to mind, it is time to reboot your thinking. While the origins of apprenticeships in the U.S. may have been confined to manufacturing, they are now expanding into professional services and highly skilled fields, such as banking, cybersecurity, accounting, and health care.

Time to Reinvent the Guidance Counselor Role

Any organization - whether it’s an army, a sports or medical team - needs to develop its talent pool. The real wealth of an Apple, a Google, or a team like the Los Angeles Lakers lies in its power to recruit a future workforce that can outcompete a Microsoft, an Amazon or outplay the Miami Heat. The victories belong to the organizations who can use their ability to scout, recruit and promote top performers, allowing the organization to find that necessary competitive edge.

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