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Talent Scout – Virtual Full Time Part Time

Location: Virtual

Scout Cadet Intern Apprentice

Job Description:

Kinetic Potential (KP) is a mission driven for profit organization, based in the Washington, DC area, that has a tremendous opportunity to expand its occupational skills training and community service offerings throughout the United States. The firm is preparing for significant growth and seeking Talent Scouts throughout the country to help support the acquisition of new students into our program and talent pipeline. Talent Scouts work have a completely flexible schedule—you set your own hours and work at your work pace—but most importantly, the work you do helps to rebuild your community one individual at a time.

Position Reports To: WIOA Program Manager

Background & Program Description: KP believes that success in today’s economy requires a shift to an In-Demand Career—particularly for those recently displaced by COVID-19. To shift into an in-demand career such as cybersecurity, healthcare and project management, individuals must acquire and be able to apply their technical training and learned skills to real-life projects and programs. Training alone is insufficient to truly prepare participants for employment. At KP, we are a Talent Development Agency and take a different approach compared to traditional training program. To adequately prepare participants to take on the role and responsibilities of an in-demand career, we offer a three-step process:

  • Step 1. Training Certification – Learn the technical skills required for an in-demand career and obtain an industry recognized certification (i.e., CAPM, PMP, A+, Network+, Security+)
  • Step 2. Experiential Learning – Apply the newly acquired knowledge to a mini-project within KP or with simulation via cyber range (i.e., K12 security assessment, Talent Acquisition)
  • Step 3. Career Management – Review of career opportunities within KP or a KP Network Partner—KP collaborates with the American Job Center to provide job placement services

Our program is intended to not only prepare participants for a career in an in-demand field, but we are specifically evaluating all Talent for a full-time or part-time role with KP or one of KP’s Employer partners. Throughout their progress in the program, we continuously evaluate aptitude, attitude and “fit” and the Talent Scout is often the catalyst for providing this opportunity to friends and neighbors in your community.


The Talent Scout will be responsible for sourcing, recruiting and interviewing applicants for our occupational training program that is 100% funded by the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)—so there is NO COST to the participants for this amazing opportunity. The Talent Scout will work closely with the WIOA Account Managers and our STAR Navigator team to accomplish the following:

  • Recruit eligible applicants by using social media, external job boards, cold calling, data mining, , or other creative digital marketing means...
  • Actively work within our Ascend Talent Management System (ATMS) to identify, track, monitor, process all leads
  • Evaluate the eligibility of potential candidates by conducting preliminary online screening assessments
  • Ensure a high level of professionalism and courtesy when assisting any candidates via phone, zoom/teams, email or in person
  • Maintain robust documentation on all activities with your leads and scouting activities to help support the effective monitoring of the program
  • Other duties that support KP’s mission and help build your local community


• High School diploma and/or equivalency certification required
• Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment that demands flexibility and creativity
• Must demonstrate proficiency in internet navigation and web-based programs
• Must be comfortable using laptop computer and software
• Must have strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
• Previous recruiting/sourcing experience is a plus

• Problem solving – the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner, gathers and analyzes information skillfully and maintains confidentiality
• Interpersonal skills – the individual maintains confidentiality, remains open to others’ ideas and exhibits willingness to try new things
• Oral Communication – the individual speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations
• Written Communication – the individual edits work for spelling and grammar, presents numerical data effectively and is able to read and interpret written information
• Quality Control – the individual demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and monitors own work to ensure quality.
• Planning/Organizing – the individual prioritizes and plans work activities and uses time efficiently
• Adaptability – the individual adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands and is able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected events
• Dependability – the individual is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction and solicits feedback to improve
• Integrity - the individual acts in such a way that instills trust from management, other associates, as well as customers. Acts with honesty while assisting customers, processing transactions, handling money, and confidential information.
• Teamwork - the individual has the ability to work with others including partners, vendors and customers in a positive manner. They understand each other’s roles and empower one another to take responsibility to be a successful team. Demonstrate a collaborative interaction with peers to reach a common goal