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Personal assistant Part Time

Location: Largo, Maryland

Apprentice Professional Executive

Job Description:

Extremely busy executive is seeking a personal assistant to help balance his busy work and home responsibilities. The responsibilities will require this individual to be heavily involved in some of his professional, academic and policy-focused pursuits. The scope of work is broad, and it is likely the role will evolve over time. For a truly engaged and high performing individual, this position has growth potential beyond the personal support for which it will initially focus.

About the executive:
· Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor and Community Advocate.
· He has worked with several assistants over the years and the increase in his work schedule has created the need for additional support for his personal responsibilities, interests and home life.
· He is single, with no children at home and he is interested in transitioning his home into a residential facility for at-risk youth. The personal assistance will be instrumental in helping to achieve this goal and a potential leading candidate to serve as the home monitor.
· There will be some assistance to/for family members, as requested


· Housekeeping: Take on full responsibility for all housekeeping chores to ensure a well-maintained household on a weekly basis
· Laundry: Weekly laundry service that includes washing, drying and ironing all necessary garments on a weekly basis
· Meal Preparation: The executive has a unique diet and requires support in meal preparation and grocery shopping 2-3 times per week
· Running household errands: Periodic need to address small errands such as cleaners, mail pick up at office and other small errands
· Event Planning: Supporting and planning special events at the executives home, office or alternative location is an occasional requirement
· Travel Planning: Booking travel and arranging for transportation for executive on his trips is an occasional responsibility
· Establish and maintain a more seamless integration of the exec’s business and personal lives. His days are not easily compartmentalized, so the goal is to put systems in place, from different angles, to support more fluidity. In order to do so, you’ll spend time at his home, in the office(s), and traveling with him on occasion.
· Take over routine administrative tasks. Examples (but not limited to): bill-paying, household vendor schedules and appointments

The professional to be hired:
· Experienced right-hand. Priority will be given to candidates who have supported busy executives or individuals beyond desk support. Furthermore, seeking candidates who have partnered with principals going through growth/transition/expansion, which has required you to operate as a third- party evaluator and make key decisions on their behalf.
· Business-minded. While aspects of this role will support an executive’s personal affairs, the role is ideally suited for someone who sees how everything fits together, is genuinely interested in establishing and maintaining the personal support responsibilities, and has long-term goals within the business world. Must feel comfortable with a day that seamlessly flows from tending to personal
affairs to communication with customers, government officials and media.
· Professionally driven and motivated, while maintaining that no single responsibility is below you
· Flexible to work outside of traditional business hours. While not designed to overextend the person hired, this is definitely a position that requires some flexibility and availability to converse and engage with work outside of 9-5/M-F



  • in similar role: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

Application Question:

  • Candidate will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreement.

Candidates with military experience encouraged to apply