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Instructors - Trainers - Tutors Full Time Part Time

Location: USA

Apprentice Professional Executive

Job Description:

KP Tutors facilitate distance learning courses to cohorts of 3-8 students (grades K-12) in math, reading, language arts and science. A typical course is 1-2 hours in duration, delivered 2-3 times / week and occurs between the hours of 2pm – 9pm. KP Tutors are academic mentors responsible for improving the academic performance of their assigned students in accordance to their individual learning plans. KP Tutors are expected to contribute to the ever-growing Kinetic Potential Learning Curriculum.


  1. Deliver online/offline academic remediation to a small/large group of K-12 students (~3-8 students) in math, ELA/Reading or Science that is consistent with their individual learning plans.
  2. Develop lessons that meet the standards of the Kinetic Potential Learning Curriculum.
  3. Manage the administration of all tutoring activities and maintain accurate student records in CRM system.


  1. 2-5 years of teaching experience; preferably in Title I schools; online experience a plus
  2. Passion for student success and an unwavering commitment to improving student performance on the standard state assessments.
  3. Master and/or doctoral degree in the fields of teaching & learning, curriculum & development, language & literacy, and/ or other appropriate concentrations.
  4. Ability to inspire youth to Want More. Do More. Be More.