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Mentors - Coaches - Advisors Full Time Part Time

Location: USA

Intern Apprentice Professional Executive

Job Description:

The KP Apprentice –Lead Executive is a member of the KP Scholars management team responsible for the successful execution of a local KP Scholars project to 25 k-12 youth utilizing a team of 5 college students as KP Mentors.  The KP Apprentice –Lead Executive provides strategic direction and oversight across all activities associated with their assigned KP Scholars’ project.  The ultimate measure of success for the KP Apprentice –Lead Executive is expected project outcomes (i.e., increase in student academic performance, meeting financial targets, customer satisfaction, etc).   

KP Apprentice –Lead Executives receive ongoing professional development in the areas of Program/Project Management, Customer Service, Technology (i.e., CRM, CMS, KP Mentoring and Learning Technology), Marketing and Youth Services.


  1. Recruit 25 “eligible” students to participate in KP Scholars program. Attend provider fairs and attend community events to promote KP Scholars Program.
  2. Assist in the recruitment of up to 5 college students to serve as your team of KP Mentors that will support recruitment and implementation. Coordinate with college career services office and KP Scholars corporate.
  3. Maintain regular communication with KP Scholars management team to facilitate transparency in operations and ensure all team members are on the same page regarding project goals and expected performance. Documentation in basecamp & CRM system along with weekly status updates are required.
  4. Manage project budget ensuring project is delivered on time and within defined budget parameters.
  5. Serve as central point of contact with local K-12 school customers—attend meetings, onsite visits, collaboration on logistics (i.e., use of computer lab, days for service, hours, etc).
  6. Provide oversight for all on-site project delivery—both staff and logistics required for delivery


  1. Passionate about youth development and improving quality of future workforce
  2. Entrepreneurial, self-starter, with strong organizational skills, results oriented
  3. Ability to provide a vision, actively problem solve and lead a team withconfidence
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  5. Ability to mentor and inspire youth to Want More. Do More. Be More.