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Cybersecurity and Project Management represent in-demand career fields that KP can help you enter and grow as a professional. Our training approach is like no other because our exclusive focus is developing you into the type of professional we desire for our own hiring needs.

Our Programs

Our Talent Portfolios

Start or grow your career by earning
industry-recognized certifications.

KP’s courses are designed to prepare all participants for careers in high growth industries. No matter where you start your journey in KP's Professional Maturity Model the destination is clear, employment as a professional in your chosen career field.

Community Based-Organization

With almost no unemployment and a national average of $100,000+, look at cybersecurity as a valuable certification and career direction to pursue.

Project Management

Think project management if you are looking for a lucrative career in a growing field. The national average for Project Managers in the U.S. is $92,000.

WHY choose KP?

We are not just training for the sake of training
we’re looking to hire you

Training providers do just that, they train you to give you a certificate and wish you well in your career development. With KP, you don’t just earn a certification that looks good on your resume. If you have a growth mindset we’re looking to hire you. We believe in looking for talent that wants a natural and smooth transition from learning to earning.

Talent Advisors
Industry Leading Talent Advisors
Our instructors are industry thought leaders that have served over decades in prestigious positions across public and private sector organizations. Talent Advisors instruct, coach, mentor and develop individuals for careers with KP or one of our KP Network Partners.
Placement Assistance
KP Partner Network
With an industry network and partners across the U.S., one of the paths we develop for you is introduction and entry into one of our network partner employers, who entrust us to bring them qualified, well-trained talent. We’re more than happy to serve as that bridge for you and them.
Industry Network
Free training?
Our goal is to train you at no out of pocket cost to you. Training providers who are just looking to train you have to make their money from their coursework. KP thinks much bigger of our relationship with you. Speak to a STAR Navigator to find out about government-funded programs like WIOA, which subsidizes training. It’s a win-win all around.
Hands on training
Far from just textbook learning, we want you to be able to apply your knowledge, to show your true potential to employers, whether that be for our needs or network partners. Experiential learning is a critical differentiator with KP's programming as it provides an opportunity to obtain the experience that employers are seeking.