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Day Habilitation Service

Location: Maryland


Through application of formal teaching methods and participation in meaningful activities, Day Habilitation services provides the individual with development and maintenance of skills related to instrumental activities of daily living, vocation, and socialization.

Day habilitation teaches skills for employment and/or community living. The service is designed for each individual and his or her goals for employment. You will take part in activities in places other than you home for the majority of the day.

Day habilitation services are intended to increase independence and develop and maintain motor skills, communication skills, and personal hygiene skills related to specific habilitation goals that lead to opportunities for integrated employment. They may include other services to help successful participation in the day activities which may

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nursing services
  • Speech pathology
  • Social services
  • Special diets, exercise, and preventive activities
  • Transportation

Day habilitation includes a yearly assessment of your own employment goals and what barriers
you might face to employment and community integration.